Goodbye, Class of ’10

It’s time to say goodbye to graduating history majors here at Dartmouth.  As always, I am impressed and intrigued by the wide array of plans they have for the immediate future. (Never mind the long-term: who knows what that will bring?)

Here’s a sample:

Michael Adelman: I’ll be attending Harvard Law School.

Philip Aubart: I will be attending Duke Law School.

Karli Beitel: My plans for the next year involve getting married in July, moving to Montana (from Connecticut), and volunteering in Ecuador for 6 months.

Kaitlin Carey: I will be moving to New York City to work for Deutsche Bank doing investment banking.

Jeff Friedman: I will be working at Morgan Stanley in New York on their Distressed Debt Sales desk.

Alison Hillas: I’m planning on joining Oppenheimer as an analyst in their New York office.

David Jackson: I will be teaching in elementary school education.

Cindy Kahlenberg: I am working in orthopedics research in New York City next year.

David Knight: I will be attending Stanford University’s School of Education, pursuing my graduate studies in education. I plan on teaching and working in education policy both domestically and internationally.

Nathaniel Obler: I’ll be doing private equity work at Bain Capital in New York City.

Molly Parker: I will be working for Cancer Treatment Centers of America next year in Chicago.

Tony Pastoors: I will be working for the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Alexander Stonehouse: I will be moving to Washington D.C. and working at a law firm, then I will be attending Law School in D.C. starting in the Fall of 2011.

Christine Tian: I’ll be working in New York City for Morgan Stanley.

To all of you in the class of ’10: Godspeed, and keep in touch.

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