Goodbye, Class of 2013

In an amazing feat of cosmic trickery, another academic year zipped by faster than you can say “culminating experience.”  Once again we’re waving goodbye to our senior majors in History.  I asked them about their immediate plans for the future and will post the information as it comes in with daily updates until graduation day, June 9.

John H. Boger:

I will spend the summer in the Balkans studying peacebuilding and conflict transformation at the American University in Kosovo and hope to spend time out West before going on active duty as a second lieutenant with the United States Marine Corps next spring.

Allison D. Bosch:

I will be moving to Baltimore in the fall to complete a pre-medical  post-bac program at Johns Hopkins University.

Colleen K. Carroll:

My experiences with the History Department have been a true highlight of my time at Dartmouth and will be one of the most difficult things to say goodbye to upon graduation. I’m especially excited to stay in touch with the Department and will remember everything from my Presidential Scholars project with Professor Lagomarsino to my seminar class with Professor Estabrook and everything in between so fondly. In response to your question: I will be in Boston working for Keystone Strategy, a consulting firm serving clients in science and technology driven industries.

Hannah C. Decker:

After I leave Dartmouth, I am going to spend the summer travelling to Turkey and the American West and hang out with my family. In the fall, I am moving to New York City to work at Bridgewater Associates, but in the next few years hope to attend medical school.

Maura A. Farley:

Next year I will be working as a Credit Analyst in the Investments group at BlackRock, an asset manager in New York.

John R. Finkelberg:

I will be spending the summer at Dartmouth participating in Professor Lawrence Kritzman’s summer institute in French Cultural Studies. In the fall, I am moving to Paris to start my Masters in History and Literature. The MA is organized through Columbia University but it is taught in conjecture with the École normale supérieure and the École des hautes études en science sociales.

Elizabeth R. Fleming:

I will be working as an analyst at Goldman Sachs next year in the corporate treasury legal group.

Grace E. Hart:

I’ll be attending Yale Law School in the fall.

Bum Sun Jun:

I will be working during the summer as a history instructor at a private academy in Seoul. Then I will be traveling around Asia during my gap year. After the gap year I plan on going to a law school in the States.

Hannah N. Kuhar:

I will be completing a Management Fellowship for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago.

Paul H. Lazarow:

I am going to attend NYU School of Law.

Soo Jee Lee:

I will be living at home in New Jersey, working on some personal projects and hopefully working to earn pocket money to cover my living expenses when I attend Columbia Law School, class of 2017.

Jennifer D. McGrew:

I plan on working in education administration before heading to get my masters in education.

C. Clark Moore:

I will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a performer and a screenwriter.

John L. Nimmo:

Next year I will be working as an Associate for The Parthenon Group, a management consulting firm in Boston.

Adam M. Pastrich:

I will be working for Boston Consulting Group in their Los Angeles office.

Elisa A. Relman:

I will be spending the next year working as a teaching fellow at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Rachel E. Rosenberg:

I will be teaching 8th grade American History as a Teach for America corps member in Dallas, TX.

Juan O. Sanchez:

I’m applying to jobs and schools in food chemistry during the summer in Hanover. After that I’ll be working at Moosilauke Ravine Lodge in the Fall.

Emma L. Smith:

I’ll be pursuing a Master of Human Rights from University College London’s School of Public Policy.

Jonathan B. Webster:

Starting in July, I will be working as a Presidential Fellow in Dartmouth’s Advancement Division.

Charlotte L. Williams:

I am going into the Marines to serve as an officer.